Thursday, August 5, 2010

HEALTH: Resonating with what we want instead

We’re all drawn to certain things – particular colours, certain kinds of music, special friends. We sometimes say we feel like we 'resonate' with them – and we’re quite right, we do: we are on the same wavelength.

The trouble is, we not only resonate with things that are good for us (things, ideas, places and people that bring us greater health and energy), but also with things that are bad for us (they make us unwell, off balance, disoriented).

To complicate matters, when we find it difficult to achieve something positive that we really want – like eating well, being healthy, easily achieving and maintaining our optimal weight – it’s because we do not resonate with it.

Is it possible to change our resonance? Yes. Can we find out what we do and don’t resonate with? Yes. Why is it important to do this? Because we resonate with our stories – the good parts and the bad – and if our story includes some aspect that we no longer want to keep repeating or acting out or manifesting, we need to identify our resonance with it and then transform our resonance so we are in sync with what we want instead.

Let’s say you resonate with “I am a smoker.” Is it possible for you to give up your smoking habit? Yes, but it would be a whole lot easier if you resonated with "I give up my smoking habit quickly and easily." You may be an "I am a smoker" with very strong will power who avoids smoking for years - but there’s a part of you that’s very aware you could easily go back to smoking, especially when you’re feeling pressured or stressed or overwhelmed by something new coming into your life.

And talking of will power, if you don’t resonate with going for the healthy option (giving up smoking, for example), you’ll find your will power in this particular area of your life is very 'weak' and that the whole process feels like a losing battle. Or you may not feel motivated to even give it a try. Or even the idea of it makes you feel tired. These feelings are genuine. They are simply letting you know that you resonate with the way things are and you don’t resonate with the better option.

If you are interested in exploring the question of resonance further, a good place to start is the 9 Keys of Resonance Repatterning for extraordinary change, described in Chloe Wordsworth’s book Quantum Change Made Easy. You can also listen to a Resonance Repatterning session on Chloe’s weekly radio shows, including show #32, which is all about weight issues and includes a special repatterning for changing your resonance with overweight. Or you can browse the list of Resonance Repatterning certified practitioners at

Or you can have a session with me!

More on the "five variables" (Diets, Food, Exercise, Sunlight, Resonance): search HEALTH.

The message here is that any health 'problem'

can be an opportunity for change ~ so that we and our body

tell a new story of health, energy,

fulfilment, confidence and pride.

Best wishes for this grand adventure!

Anthea Guinness, PhD ( is a freelance editor/writer and Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner (1993) in the Phoenix area who gives sessions by phone on a wide range of issues. Anthea can be contacted at