Monday, August 2, 2010

HEALTH: Diets ~ which one?

There are hundreds of products and programs out there for losing weight and gaining weight, but it's questionable whether they contribute anything to our overall health. How do we know what is healthy and what isn’t?

Some questions to ask yourself: Is the product or the diet regime a processed food/drink/powder or is it something you make at home from start to finish, using whole, natural, organic ingredients?

Generally, fresh whole organic foods contribute more to your health than highly processed ones. Products off the shelf contain preservatives, including MSG (monosodium glutamate under various names) that can cause weight gain. What about other additives and chemical formulae on the ingredients list? They may sound impressive, but the more complex the ingredients, probably the more questionable its health value. What about salt and sugar (by various names) ~ many commercial 'food' products contain these as they are known to make the product more addictive.

A simple commonsense rule of thumb for losing weight healthily: Any processed food, powder or supplement is likely to be less healthy for you than whole, raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

More on the "five variables" (Diets, Food, Exercise, Sunlight, Resonance) under the WEIGHT header.

The message here is that any health 'problem'

can be an opportunity for change ~ so that we and our body

tell a new story of health, energy,

fulfilment, confidence and pride.

Best wishes for this grand adventure!

Anthea Guinness, PhD ( is a freelance editor/writer and Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner (1993) in the Phoenix area who gives sessions by phone on a wide range of issues. Anthea can be contacted at