Thursday, August 5, 2010

HEALTH: Exercise ...even a few minutes

There’s a great story about Mahatma Gandhi being asked by a mother, “Please tell my son to stop eating sugar.” He told the two of them to come back the following week. When they came before him again, he said gently: “My child, try to eat less sugar.” The mother asked why he had not said that the previous week, and Gandhi explained: "At that time, I was still eating sugar myself."

Regarding exercise, which everyone says is essential for health and for losing weight, I take the Gandhian position: silence. At most, I can recommend two things ~ an excellent book I have dipped into,
The Egoscue Method by Pete Egoscue. And Dave Hall's latest DVD on cellercising, which I find fun and inspiring.

Egoscue does take quite a time commitment
... If you are in pain or you are a would-be athlete, you may be just right for the Egoscue approach. Meanwhile, I love one of the key Egoscue exercises: lying down on my back on a padded surface near a bed, with my thighs up at right angles and my feet and calves supported by the bed. Great for all kinds of pain – back pain, hip pain, etc. (Do I have pain? No.)

They say that once you’ve been in the position long enough to allow your pain to subside, it’s a very relaxing position. Sometimes I also do this exercise before going to sleep at night, as a way to let go of the day and deeply relax – and I often find I wake up several hours later, still on the floor in the same position, no worse for wear!

Ten minutes a day ~ no kidding.
I saw Dave Hall's new DVD "Bounce for Health" a few weeks ago and have been cellercising every day, several times a day, since. That speaks for itself. Don't you love the idea of cleaning and energizing 75 trillion cells every time you cellercise? Dave has been cellercising 10 minutes a day for years ~ and looks about 30 (he's in his fifties).
The message is: there is hope for all of us, exercise slugs included!

More on the "five variables" (Diets, Food, Exercise, Sunlight, Resonance) under the WEIGHT header.

The message here is that any health 'problem'

can be an opportunity for change ~ so that we and our body

tell a new story of health, energy,

fulfilment, confidence and pride.

Best wishes for this grand adventure!

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