Monday, August 9, 2010

CNW: An update from the navel

I've been pretty quiet for a week because I've been dealing with some health symptoms. Good ones ~ indications that my system is getting cleansed. I think it's a continuation of the cleansing that's been going on since I started drinking structured water. I don't think most people would have these symptoms or notice them if they did ~ I'm more aware because I'm writing this blog on structured water and want it to be accurate and honest, and because my body is in pretty good health generally (I'm vegan, eat 98% raw food, all organic, no medications, light weight, excellent energy), so if my system is cleaning out, it's quite obvious to me.

Anyway, last week I was tired every day. My stomach felt full even when I hadn't eaten (but without any bloating or heaviness or discomfort). I felt hungry in the morning, ate, and then only ate at other mealtimes out of habit, not from hunger. (After a few days of this, I started eating only when hungry and enjoyed eating less without losing weight.)

I was ready for bed by 9pm (early, for me). BMs all week were normal (copious), a tad looser than usual (or actually, they're just in a big hurry to come out) and more smell than usual. Had some twinges in my back on Sunday (haven't had that for years), possibly due to all the days a week back when I sat at the computer without moving for 4 hours at a stretch a.m. and p.m. (8-10 hrs each day ~ yeah, not good). So I slept for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon (unusual for me to have a nap) and was ready for bed by 9pm again. Have been sleeping more at night ~ 7-9 hours instead of 5-6. (Interesting: it's on my CN Wishlist (I think, anyway) that I want to slow down/calm down and go to bed earlier, sleep more...and get up early. Be nice if 9pm bed evolves into getting up earlier on a regular basis.)

To be truthful, I began to wonder by the weekend whether I had picked up "something" by not filtering my water and relying on the structured water device, but I don't think so. I'm feeling good, no pain or tenderness in stomach/intestines, so figure I'm just experiencing some helpful cleaning out.

Later: 10 August was full moon. So all these symptoms could have been "ameoba syndrome" ~ I always forget they often get activated in the week before the full moon, with the difference this time that my BMs continued copious and well formed instead of becoming scant with a very constricted bore. Let's hope structured water succeeds in rooting them all out finally (small price to pay for 29 years of living in India!).