Thursday, August 5, 2010

CNW: Someone else's experience

My friend Patreace, who installed her CN water structuring unit a day or two after she helped me set up mine, says her finger tips, which have always been hard and dry, are smooth: "they've never felt so soft" ~ it feels like they are getting rehydrated from the inside, she said.

Patreace is experiencing some cleansing symptoms too. In fact, she was glad to know what it was! She has always had issues with her teeth and bladder ~ a day or so back, she felt this weird sensation of "tock, tock, tock" going on in her bladder area. She commented: Structured water pulls old sediment off pipes, so it's probably doing the same inside us.

In fact, that was what my intestines felt like yesterday afternoon ~ that slightly sore feeling you get on long fasts when old fecal matter is loosened up and pulled off the walls. But again, what amazes me is to get these symptoms while eating normally and to get them so soon. It seems the structured water goes to work on all levels immediately ~ rehydrating, cleansing... Wonderful!

Patreace takes a quart of structured water every day for someone at work ~ a girl who never drinks water in the usual way. Apparently she finishes the whole quart by breaktime. "I'll have to start taking her a gallon of it!" The girl is amazed at herself ~ just loves the structured water. She has headaches, intestinal issues and absorption issues; it'll be interesting if she starts to see some positive changes in these or other areas.