Saturday, July 31, 2010

CNW: Structured water cleans as it goes

I'd read that structured water cleans sediment and gunk out of pipes (and the human body, too) so I decided to see if I could get structured water to mend the non-functioning mister on my floor fan.

Friday, July 30, 2010

CNW: Is structured water different?

A friend of mine is all jazzed about getting a structured water device, but her son is very skeptical. That's fine, but it made me think ~ for someone who is skeptical, what proof is there that structured water is very different from tap water? So I came up with three easy checks that anyone can do with no elaborate equipment.

I more or less did these checks myself, before and after installing the CN structuring device. It was fun to see the "objective" difference in my own tap water once it was structured. Otherwise, just take samples of any old tap water or bottled water and compare it with water that's structured.

Here's what you do:

CNW: It's here!

Yey, the CN water structuring device arrived today! (Actually it arrived 2 days ago, but my neighbour at the main house didn't realize I was here.) That's fast: I confirmed my order Monday and it arrived Wednesday morning.

And a resounding Yey! for friend Patreace who drove over here after work and set it up for me. We immediately tasted the water. It is delicious: it's got that "soft" feel to it.

HEALTH: Cancer survivor's guide

Making lemonade out of the big lemon: cancer is all of that, and more. In case you are using your health issue as an opportunity to discover how to really nourish yourself and discover what's important for you, inside and out, you may be feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. I'm listing just five suggestions here, pretty much all to do with nutrition. Each one is a great place to begin, so do any or all of them, depending on what you can manage ~ going into action is what counts!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

CNW: High hopes of the CN water structuring device!

My Clayton Nolte water structuring device is due to arrive any time. Can't wait!

I heard about this device a few days ago during a visit to TerraSante near Tucson. We dropped in to meet Victoria White who has quite a reputation locally for the abundance of fruits and veggies in her little homestead garden: thousands of peaches, apricots, nectarines and apples from trees that were planted on her property and her neighbours' properties in January 2008 ~ but while her trees have consistently produced bumper crops, their trees have yet to produce more than one or two fruits, if that. Hm...

CNW: Wishlist

Here's a shortlist of what I'm expecting/hoping for from my new (yet-to-arrive) CN structured water device:

CNW: Chlorine in structured water?

I woke up yesterday very anxious about chlorine in structured water and whether that smell and taste would disappear once the water is structured using the Clayton Nolte device, so I did a bunch of research on it yesterday.

BOOKS: And There Was Light by Jacques Lusseyran

Extraordinary autobiography (childhood to age 21) of someone who went blind at 8, established a major Resistance movement during the occupation of Paris when he was 16, and survived internment in Buchenwald.

BOOKS: Healthy at 100 by John Robbins

I nearly didn't bother to read this book. I'm so glad I did - it's full of interesting insights and some very moving stories... And he very sweetly emphaizes that it's never too late: the positive effects of changes at any age are significant.

BOOKS: Quantum Change Made Easy by Chloe Faith Wordsworth

"In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?" At the end of her well-written book, Quantum Change Made Easy, Chloe Wordsworth addresses Steven Hawking's question in a fascinating analysis: she takes the 9 Keys of Resonance Repatterning, the system she founded, developed and teaches for personal transformation, self-healing and achieving the best of who we are, and answers Hawking's question step by step.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

POD: Moses 2 ~ Mixed marriage

Moses is incredible! He is totally a man of our time ~ adopted as a baby, goes from slave to millionaire, discovers his roots and risks his life in order to stand up for his people, not once (when he protects the Hebrew slave and by mistake murders the overseer) but over and over again in a period of decades when he confronts and challenges the mega-powers of his time (the Pharaoh, the priests and the courtiers were no easy pushovers, they were... well, just as greedy and unprincipled and politically savvy and ruthless as the top of the power pyramid in today's scenario); and then in addition to this, there's the whole multi-cultural, displaced, inter-racial, inter-religious aspect of the guy: Who doesn't relate to some or all of that!

POD: Moses 1 ~ The Ethiopian connection

I'm fascinated by Moses. I don't mean the Great Prophet aspect: the Leader of the Hebrews who came down from Sinai with ten commandments written in stone. OK, granted, that is all pretty mind-blowing ~ but it tends to just be part of what many of us learned in our childhood, so we take it for granted without thinking about it (beyond rejecting or accepting).

No, one of the things about Moses that grabs my attention is this: ...More

HEALTH: The grape cure

End of summer is a great time of year for grapes! Just make sure you buy organic so you know you're not taking in a heavy dose of pesticides and chemicals.

In a couple of conversations recently, it came out that the person was struggling a bit with cravings for certain foods they knew were not healthy. Purely on a physical level, cravings for unhealthy foods, whether it’s high-fry or coffee, and even cravings for animal foods when you're a committed vegetarian, can be due to toxic waste held in our system.

If you suffer from this,

BOOKS: For book lovers

When you were a kid, did you ever read novels in classes you found boring? I remember when I was thirteen or so, a friend and I were romping through all the novels so temptingly provided by our English teacher and when we could get away with it (in Latin, I seem to remember), we would spend the whole period with a book in our lap, totally absorbed and more than happy ~ while the rest of the group, come to think of it, must have been pretty bored, judging by how they played up the poor teacher...

Anyway, I'm still addicted to reading. Love it! So I'll sometimes post titles I've found particularly good on things like health, self-healing, and other things like that. You can find them under BOOKS.

By the way:
If you buy from and you'd like to support education of girls in isolated mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, you may want to make a habit of going to amazon via ~ Amazon will donate up to 9% of your purchase price to Greg Mortenson's CAI projects.

HEALTH: Don't exercise, cellercise!

Dave Hall, who spent years refining mini-trampolines and rebounders to develop what he calls a cellerciser, has just come out with a new DVD. I saw it a few weeks ago and have been cellercising every day since then, several times a day. That's unbelievably impressive for a no-exercise addict like me!