Thursday, July 29, 2010

CNW: High hopes of the CN water structuring device!

My Clayton Nolte water structuring device is due to arrive any time. Can't wait!

I heard about this device a few days ago during a visit to TerraSante near Tucson. We dropped in to meet Victoria White who has quite a reputation locally for the abundance of fruits and veggies in her little homestead garden: thousands of peaches, apricots, nectarines and apples from trees that were planted on her property and her neighbours' properties in January 2008 ~ but while her trees have consistently produced bumper crops, their trees have yet to produce more than one or two fruits, if that. Hm...

Does she have a green thumb? She says not. She has done organic gardening for quite a few years, but what has changed dramatically in her gardening seems to be tied in with when she installed Clayton Nolte water structuring devices. Apart from the effect the water has now had on her trees, she herself immediately started experiencing, two plus years back, a sea-change in her health: her looks, her hair, her skin, her energy.

We didn't know any of this straight off. We were just munching on juicy apples straight from the tree and admiring the jungle of veggies and herbs growing happily under the shade netting. As we were leaving, Victoria took us into her house and gave us water to drink ~ and that's when the conversation really got going: Wow, did that water taste good!

Soft, delicious, energizing. I didn't know ordinary water could "taste" ~ bad, yes, with chlorine and fluorides and everything else in there these days, but "delicious"? It was funny ~ almost like your whole body felt thrilled to be drinking this simple glass of water. (And then another. And another.)

As you know, it turned out the water wasn't simple tap water or well water, it was "structured water" ~ and somehow that made all the difference. So I ordered a CN water structuring device on the spot, listened to Victoria's interesting CD (an interview of Clayton Nolte) in the car on the way home and did a bunch of research on the CN devices in the next few days... And now I'm waiting for it to arrive to see if it meets my expectations!