Thursday, July 29, 2010

CNW: Wishlist

Here's a shortlist of what I'm expecting/hoping for from my new (yet-to-arrive) CN structured water device:
  • very nice taste, "soft" feel, energizing (just like the sample I drank at TerraSante, Tucson)
  • hair: shiny, soft, not dry
  • scalp: not itchy; no dandruff or tiny scabs
  • face skin: softer, not dry; eventually: no blotching, less wrinkles, healthy/radiant! Also no little scab thinggies (yeah, I'm clearly in the eczema/tense category - lots of skin issues, but fortunately they don't bother me and are not too visible, to my eyes anyway!)
  • eyes: improved eyesight, brighter/cleaner eyes, normal tension in both eyes
  • hands: no little scab thinggies
  • muscles, bones: strong
  • circulation: excellent (viz no varicose veins anywhere)
  • tongue: clean, even first thing in the morning
  • smell: good, natural (no odour, even when working in 3-digit heat)
  • bowel movements: I'd love to attain to "3 healthy BMs per day", that old naturopathic ideal
  • energy: it's already very good ~ interesting to see where it goes with drinking structured water
  • sleep: will I wake up nice and early? and feel like going to bed at a reasonable time? I usually go to sleep easily and am happy to sleep for 5-8 hours, so what I'm really hoping for is a more balanced rhythm (induced by healthier structured water) and the ability to get up at dawn on a regular/punctual basis
  • food: it'll be interesting to see whether I naturally eat less or stay the same (I'm already vegan, 95% raw)
  • weight: it would be nice if I became less boney! though I'd rather be too slim than overweight, from the health point of view
Oh, just saw I called this a "shortlist". Let's make that "wishlist". Enough for now!

(Originally part of the first post on July 28th. Decided to pull this personal list and put it here.)