Thursday, July 29, 2010

CNW: Chlorine in structured water?

I woke up yesterday very anxious about chlorine in structured water and whether that smell and taste would disappear once the water is structured using the Clayton Nolte device, so I did a bunch of research on it yesterday.

The good news is that structured water has the natural ability to "contain" all kinds of contaminants, including chlorine, and your system won't be affected by them ~ it passes through you, along with other junk that your body releases or that the structured water pulls from your system as it goes through your cells and intestines etc.

The bad news is: the smell and taste of any chlorine in your incoming water remain in the water even after structuring. Boo-hoo.

  • Blow across the top of your glassful of structured water.
  • If that doesn't do it for you, let the water stand for a while so the chlorine gas comes out of the water and dissipates (that's why blowing helps).
  • Finally, if your source water is heavily chlorinated, keep using some kind of filter to remove the chlorine. The water will remain structured, even though you may reduce the pH a point by filtering the water.

My water structuring device didn't arrive yesterday, but I'm prepared now for the water to not taste as good as that wonderful well water we tasted at TerraSante. However: those guys at TerraSante clearly don't realize that their delicious water is not as good as the same well water piped to Victoria, next door. She runs hers through a CN water structuring device. They are convinced that she has an incredibly green thumb because they all planted dozens of fruit and nut trees a couple of years ago, and her trees produce bumper crops ~ thousands of peaches, apricots and apples ~ while their trees have yet to produce more than one or two pieces each, if that. Victoria, on the other hand, says that she had the opposite of a green thumb when she was younger. The big difference between her trees and theirs is the CN structured water she uses. More on this and her other organic gardening techniques at her website:
And of course, if you'd like to know more about structured water, visit my brilliant website on it at!