WELCOME to A.G.'s Wowkay Blog!

I suspect that this wowkay! blogspot will mostly focus on anything to do with natural health and well-being ~ for us, for the earth, for plants and animals. Straight off there are blogs on CNW (the Clayton Nolte water structuring device) as well as something for cancer survivors (and those who don't want to get cancer) under HEALTH... and then some wonderful books under BOOKS. But ~ who knows! Whatever else is happening will probably pop up here as well.

CNW is the header where you can track my experiences using CN structured water ~ in the home, in the garden, among friends and acquaintances. Right now I'm really enthused about structured water: this blog is where I'll share whether it lives up to my high expectations on the nitty-gritty level of everyday use ~ to accompany the www.cnswater.com website, where the device is described in detail (FAQs, testimonials, where to buy one, etc.). [To track all the CNW posts, click the CNW hyperlink at the foot of any piece on structured water in the list of key words ~ it's a nifty way of selecting all the pieces on that particular topic.]

POD:  These are links to my Piece of the Day blogspot ~ old and new writings on topics that interest me, like organic gardening and composting, inspirational stuff, philosophical/mystical.

Best wishes ~ bon app├ętit!