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HEALTH: The grape cure

End of summer is a great time of year for grapes! Just make sure you buy organic so you know you're not taking in a heavy dose of pesticides and chemicals.

In a couple of conversations recently, it came out that the person was struggling a bit with cravings for certain foods they knew were not healthy. Purely on a physical level, cravings for unhealthy foods, whether it’s high-fry or coffee, and even cravings for animal foods when you're a committed vegetarian, can be due to toxic waste held in our system.

If you suffer from this, end of summer is a great time of year to go on the Grape Cure. You’ll find that as soon as you stop eating the large variety of foods in your normal diet, especially the oils and low-, medium- or high-fat foods, and instead drink plenty of water and eat copious amounts of organic grapes throughout the day, your system will start cleaning out all the old crap.

If you do this for several days, you may want to add variety by drinking some organic grape juice, too ~ make your own with fresh organic grapes in your blender (add a little water to get the consistency you prefer).

  • How many grapes? Eat as many as you wish. Chew and enjoy.
  • How long for? Try it for a day or two. My sister and I once did it for three weeks. We felt great: full of energy, very happy. Start with one day and keep going if you feel it's helping you clean out old waste. Constipated? Drink 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning. Eat more grapes during the day and remember to drink water too.
  • How do you transition back to a normal diet? Take a day on nothing but organic fruits and no-fat organic salad ~ for example, peaches and some bananas for breakfast... Grape juice for mid-morning snack... A big fruit salad for lunch (bananas, pears, etc.)... A little more fruit for your evening meal, followed by a salad of lettuce, spinach, celery and zuccini. All organic, all raw. Then start adding in your usual foods the following day, but go slow on any oils or fatty foods.
  • Mono meals is another way to transition after any kind of fast or special diet: have several snacks or mini meals throughout the day of just one raw whole-food item at a time (peaches, for example); in an hour or so, have something else (bananas). And remind yourself off and on that it's OK to eat moderately now because you will get to eat again in a little while...
  • Eating mono meals of different fruits and vegetables like this, but as a regular daily routine, can be helpful if you have a weak digestion, too.

Books you may want to browse through
Victoria Boutenko, Green for Life
Doug Graham, The 80-10-10 Diet
However, beware: You may never eat the same way again!

AG ~ originally posted online 9 Oct 09

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