Friday, July 30, 2010

CNW: It's here!

Yey, the CN water structuring device arrived today! (Actually it arrived 2 days ago, but my neighbour at the main house didn't realize I was here.) That's fast: I confirmed my order Monday and it arrived Wednesday morning.

And a resounding Yey! for friend Patreace who drove over here after work and set it up for me. We immediately tasted the water. It is delicious: it's got that "soft" feel to it.

Patreace straight off filled up the big water containers she'd brought with her to keep her in Special Water until her unit arrives in the next day or so. And I've been drinking glassful after glassful all afternoon. Figure I drank almost 3 quarts in 3 or 4 hours. And then had a shower and washed my hair structured water (felt very luxurious)... and thought happily about the 6-8 cups of special water my body was absorbing during the shower!

Last Monday I decided on the Garden Unit for the house because right now my little place has a very simple inlet pipe that's easy to get to (a spigot and connecting hose) where we attached the unit, and the water goes from there to kitchen & bathroom. The installation took us a couple of hours because we decided to go get a couple of "quick release" joints so that all I have to do when I go travelling is lift and release the unit and take it with me! I'll get a small funnel for the top and it becomes a hand-held portable unit!

It's a good idea to let the water run through the device generously at first, to flush out anything from inside. Some flecks of white (plastic?) came out in the first flush. So we let the water run for a minute or so and then started drinking ~ 2 big glasses each straightaway. That's what happens with structured water: you just want more; your body is finally getting water on a cellular level...

OK, more anon!