Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HEALTH: Don't exercise, cellercise!

Dave Hall, who spent years refining mini-trampolines and rebounders to develop what he calls a cellerciser, has just come out with a new DVD. I saw it a few weeks ago and have been cellercising every day since then, several times a day. That's unbelievably impressive for a no-exercise addict like me!

Dave Hall explains on the DVD that cellercising
  • opens and shuts the valve system of 75 trillion cells in your body, 100 times a minute, thoroughly cleaning out the cells and bringing them the oxygen they need
  • keeps your lymph system clean and circulating well, protecting you against viruses and even cancer
  • helps you lose wrinkles, double chins, flab, varicose veins... you name it!
  • strengthens muscles, eyesight, improves circulation, boosts your immune system...
All for just ten minutes of cellercising a day. Now do you see why even I am doing it?

Where to get Dave's DVD: The Resonance Repatterning eStore offers the DVD and the Cellerciser at a good price, so you're welcome to check it out there. Chloe Wordsworth interviewed Dave Hall in one of her Living In Tune radio shows ~ really good, all of them! ~ which you can listen to in the RR radio archives.

Chloe's interview with Dave Hall (, Radio tab, select show #39 - or click here:

AG ~ originally posted elsewhere online Dec 09

Anthea Guinness is a Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner (1993)