Saturday, July 31, 2010

CNW: Structured water cleans as it goes

I'd read that structured water cleans sediment and gunk out of pipes (and the human body, too) so I decided to see if I could get structured water to mend the non-functioning mister on my floor fan.

The fan has done a great job for 6 years or more during the hot dry AZ summers, sending out a fine mist of water droplets along with the air ~ but a month or so back the mister part of it stopped working. I soaked it in white vinegar, cleaned the various parts, dried it, filled it up... but no go. So I've been using the fan without the mister since then, turning on the mister periodically to see if it was working.

This morning I thought I'd give it another try ~ with structured water. First I turned on the mister to see if it was working: no. I emptied the remaining water out of the two quart bottles and emptied the reservoirs also. Then I filled the bottles with structured water, turned them upside-down on their pedestals and left the fan (turned off) for a couple of hours while the water percolated into the reservoirs and maybe started to do some cleaning... Just now I turned on the mister: I was pretty amazed and pleased to see it's working!

Oops, just rechecked the mister a little while later and it's stopped misting again. Ah well, I'll leave it overnight and post this later when the results become clearer!

Update several days later on 4 Aug: The mister continues to start out working and then stops after a while. I'll post again later if it returns to its normal continuous mist!

Update on 9 Aug: The mister now works for several hours at a time but fades to a very small output of mist, instead of the big cloud of it that it used to give. I'm going to change the water today and hope it'll keep gradually coming back to normal.