Friday, August 13, 2010

CNW: Clear of plaque

C, a friend who installed a water structuring device a few days ago, told me on the phone just now that she was mystified because her 'plate' (false teeth) is clean for the first time.

Usually it gets a layer of black plaque-type stuff on the back where it touches the roof of the mouth, and the dentist tells you to soak it overnight in chemicals to get it off. You can't get it off by brushing it or by scraping it with a finger nail, and she didn't want to use chemicals so she just soaks it in water and hopes for the best. It looks unpleasant, but she lives with it.

A couple of mornings ago she woke up and noticed suddenly that her plate is sparkling clean. Wow! She couldn't understand it. What has she been doing different? Eating bread and butter? (I don't think so!) Then she remembered: for the last few nights she has been using water from the kitchen, structured water, to soak her plate in overnight.

Imagine all the cleaning it's doing to our insides. In fact, she remembered to tell me about this because I was telling her about a you-tube of a blood test showing the difference in the blood before and then 12 minutes after drinking a glass of structured water: extraordinary effect, just from drinking a glass of water. So imagine what is happening to our health from drinking it all day long and bathing in it!