Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CNW: Hair, wrinkles & BMs

We installed the CN water structuring device last Friday, 30 July 2010. Here are changes I've noticed since then ~ in the last five days.

HAIR: I showered and washed my hair in structured water Friday night and felt an immediate change in my hair: it was soft to touch and had a very cute fluffy gentle look instead of being dry, hard and spiky. I live in Phoenix where it's very dry year round, so this is quite a turnaround to get straightaway without using hair conditioner. My normal new-washed look is shiny, a little soft, but not this soft and definitely not this gentle fluffy look.

Since then I've had showers every night to cool down (three digit temperatures all day), often rinsing my head/hair as well, but without using shampoo. My hair comes out looking like I've washed it with shampoo ~ soft, shiny, same "gentle" look. Before, if I had wet my hair with just water, it would have taken away the new-washed look altogether.

WRINKLES: Early Monday morning I glanced at my face in the mirror in the hall on my way to the kitchen to drink some water and couldn't believe my eyes: My face looks like it's less lined. Someone on Sunday commented that my face was looking fresh, with a bit of a glow, but I put it down to my general feeling of happy excitement over the structured water. But maybe something "objective" is happening here... A couple of things come to mind:

Hydration ~ Remember how I drank almost a gallon of structured water the afternoon we first installed the device? Along with everybody else who drinks non-structured water, my organs and cells and skin must be totally dehydrated (see the info on surface tension of our cell walls and of water).

So when we start drinking structured water regularly, every part of us must finally be able to absorb water the way it should ~ with multiple positive health effects... one of which is to hydrate our face cells and reduce lines and wrinkles that are there due to dehydration. And judging by my own experience, these begin to disappear almost immediately!

Liver/digestion/skin There are other lines and wrinkles that are there on our face due to chronic indigestion, chronic negative thinking / worry, anger, gossip, criticism, violence etc. / and chronic illness and pain. Which comes first, the anger and worry etc. or the poorly functioning liver and digestion?

I'll never forget a friend of ours who died of liver cancer. He'd appeared for years to be chronically grouchy and angry; what few of us realized was how fragile his liver and digestion were. It was a lesson for me to look with more understanding (even when I don't know what's happening) and less judgementalness at others and myself.

Anyway, the liver, the digestion and the skin are all closely interrelated in the naturopathic scenario. So if your skin looks bad (dry, blotchy, pimply, wrinkled), your liver and digestion probably need some support: less fats in your diet, for instance, more fresh whole organic veggies and fruits, etc. (And you may find you are addicted to the opposite.)

BMs: This is pretty personal to say the least (I came back here a couple of days after posting this and almost removed it ~ may yet!) I'm glad this post is long enough that most people won't get this far!

BM stands for "bowel movements". Naturopaths and people like me who were brought up in Europe (or Africa or India, or in a naturopath-oriented family) automatically keep an eye on their BMs (an Indian friend describes himself as being obsessed with his own BMs!) because the colour, smell, size, quantity and consistency tell you a lot about what's going on with your health, physical as well as mental-emotional. I'm not kidding: this is a whole new world of self-exploration that goes beyond contemplating your navel, my friends!

A word of enlightenment: People on a meat-based diet that includes dairy, fish, eggs generally have small BMs compared with vegans (people who eat a plant-based diet that has no meat, fish, eggs or dairy). I remember one study on "The Bowel Movements of British Naval Officers and Their Wives" (I'm serious ~ really, I'm not making it up!): their BMs were so small, dry and with a constricted bore (narrow) that the BMs measured in mere teaspoons, especially the wives' ~ as in 2, 5 or 6 teaspoons, etc. Wow! Vegan BMs would need to be measured in cups ~ as in 5, 7 or more cups ~ and they are of large bore (fat) and moist (not dry or runny). While we're at it, diarrhoea is a sign of chronic constipation, in naturopathic thinking. Interesting, huh ~ that the body evacuates constipated old fecal matter by resorting to diarrhoea.


Tuesday night I felt tired (presumably after my week of high excitement and working 10-hour days putting together the CN website, but it could be because some cleansing is going on) and went to bed by 9pm. Wednesday (today) I woke up at 4.45am feeling very sluggish with an achey feeling in my head (which I put down to the temperature being too high all night, over 85) and a very heavy full feeling in my stomach (I ate a little fruit last night, nothing to give me that heavy feeling).

I tried getting up (I usually get up at this time or earlier) but gave up after half an hour ~ my lower back felt too weak to hold me up. I slept again, waking up at 9am because the sun was shining in through the open door and the room was warming up to high 90s (welcome to another Arizona day, folks!). I felt exactly the same as before, so I made myself a cup of green tea with miso, wakame and a teaspoon of coconut oil in it. Almost immediately went off to do a BM. Afterwards, I no longer had that heavy feeling in the stomach or that weak feeling in the lower spine ~ so that may have been due to the pressure of all this old stuff in the bowel.

Clayton Nolte says the water molecules in structured water hold contaminants at the centre of the molecule ~ including fluoride and chlorine, arsenic and other heavy metals ~ and that if there is enough room, the molecules will also pick up contaminants in your system as the water passes through. Just as the structured water will clean the insides of the pipes in your house, pulling off and picking up the sediment and corrosive chemicals attached to the sides of the pipes, so it will clean your insides, too.

It sounds to me as though this interior cleaning process is already underway. The signs of it began showing up two days after installing the CN device. That is quick! I'll keep you posted...

Wednesday night: went to bed early again (9pm), woke up early feeling fine, no heavy feeling in stomach or weakness in lower back. Yey!