Friday, September 9, 2011

HEALTH: Water retention

For water retention, doctors usually recommend low-sodium diets and sometimes mention more fruits and vegetables.

Natural diuretic Eating organic fruits/veggies high in water encourages you to pee, so they are a natural diuretic. Try cucumber, celery, onion, watermelon, canteloupe ~ or any organic veggie/fruit that strikes you as being juicy.

Salt Celtic sea salt contains about 80 minerals. Cravings (for salt and for anything else) are often associated with an imbalance or lack of minerals. One doctor even treats HBP with celtic sea salt ~ up to a teaspoon a day. Sounds extreme, but if you have HBP and a lifetime of poor dietary practices, you may find it helps to get onto a mineral-rich diet of organic fruits & vegetables along with a little celtic sea salt.