Friday, September 9, 2011

HEALTH: Dessert First Club

Dessert first? How sacrilegious can you get! Here's the logic: When you have a meal, you often-to-always feel like eating something sweet afterwards. And by the end of the meal, your stomach is full of food and unable to digest even healthy desserts made with fruit ~ so, eat them first!

Desserts can be simple, healthy and delicious when you use organic fruits. For example, blend 2 bananas, a medjool date or two, a little coconut oil, and some blueberries ~ pour into glasses and leave to set. No blueberries? Use other fruits, or just add some Slippery Elm powder as healthy thickening to transform any smoothie into a more solid dessert texture.

A friend's response to dessert first and plenty of salads, fruits and vegetables in her diet:

It's been over a week now without your guiding input, and I am holding strong. My favorite things about this way of eating are:
* not feeling stuffed after our big midday meal
* stuffing myself as much as I want at lunch
* dessert first
* really tasting simple things
* going to bed with a light stomach
* going to the store and not being tempted by 90% of what they're selling
* trying new organic produce
* having more energy
* getting creative with recipes

I'm beginning to think I can really do this. [My husband] had a colonoscopy today and had to only drink liquids for two days. When he came home I had a fantastic lunch all ready for first venture into soup.

[My son] was impressed that we were so dedicated to this and loved dessert first. You could see the wheels turning as we explained why cooked oil is not good for us.

So give it a try ~ join the DF Club!