Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CNW: Avoiding Delhi Belly

I've been curious for some time about using a CN water structuring device in places like Mexico and India ~ whether it would protect you against giardia and other minute infestations.

Just heard from a friend, Victoria W, who always takes her CN water structuring device to Mexico. It turns out they go by car and take structured well water from home for drinking. For everything else in Mexico, however, they use water from a cistern across the road from where they stay, with a CN unit attached to the inflow pipe that feeds the cistern. It's attached only while they are there, hence the water from the cistern is a mix of fresh structured water and non-structured water sitting in the bottom of the cistern when they get there ~ which may become structured by contact (the "field" effect).

The interesting thing is: they use cistern water for brushing their teeth, washing fruits and vegetables that they eat raw, taking showers, having jacuzzis ~ all of which could potentially give them upset stomachs or giardia. So it sounds like either the cistern water is clean or the fact that it's structured is protecting them.

Victoria says she would drink the cistern water (structured) if they had to, but would feel more comfortable adding a drop or two of Young Living lemon oil, peppermint, Thieves; Purification or GSE (grapefruit seed extract) are also good for purifying drinking water and/or washing veggies in questionable water.